And the Winner of the Father's Day Contest is...

(July 16, 2013 )

Congratulations to Larry McGaw on his winning Father's Day Contest entry! Larry submitted a thoughtful and touching piece about his father Roy:

"Dad has always put his family first, and even now at the age of 84 he still is the most considerate man I know. While all of his achievements seemed to have be driven by a desire to improve his family's lot in life, he continues to take great pride in any achievement his children or grandchildren accomplish, regardless of how minor or grand it may be. I can honestly say that most of the things I have accomplished in my life have been because I wanted to grow up to be just like my Dad. He provided me with a work ethic and a sense of responsibility to those around me that has served me well over the years. My mother was often driven to comment, "Oh my God, you're just like your father!" She could not have paid me a greater compliment. Come to think of it, my wife throws the same line at
me, too.

I just returned from the Bomber's pre-season game, and I was lucky to have had the company of my Dad. It's fantastic that he is still vibrant, connected and independent. He is a man that takes great pleasure in the least remarkable things. His greatest pleasure is just around the corner, as my sister and her husband are moving back to Winnipeg after having been out of province for 28 years. Not that my sister isn't remarkable in her own way, but she is his favourite and quite honestly I am okay with that. We are all looking forward to many more years of his guidance and his company. I've never responded to this sort of invitation, but I have to admit that it feels very good to put in writing just a little of what my Dad means to me."

Congratulations again to Larry and we thank all of those who participated and shared their stories with us!