Giving Back for the Holidays

(December 16, 2016 )

This year, our team came together to donate what we could to Siloam Mission. With Josh Gibson organizing our team, along with the team at SCU, we were able to get quite a few things in.

If you aren't already familiar with the weather, Winter in Winnipeg can get brutal with the dropping temperatures. What is needed the most is warm Winter clothes, which include:
- jackets & boots
- jeans
- long johns
- socks & underwear
- gloves, scarves, toques & hats

Additional items that Siloam Mission accepts are:
- Advil & Band-Aids
- shampoo, deodorant & soap
- feminine hygiene products

You can visit their website at and drop off donations to their location on 300 Princess Street, located in the Exchange District.

We are always happy to help, give back any way we can, and hope to hear more stories of people paying it forward.

Unity, peace & prosperity to all of you this holiday season.